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How You Can Improve Security With Strike Plates There are some instances when you might have been into advertisements that have been able to share about the security systems that are made by manufacturers in the market. One important part of these security systems are the strike plates. When speaking about strike plates, they refer to formed metal plates that can hold the doors in place through the door jamb or vertical portions of the door, keeping the secure with the latches and bolts of security devices that are installed with the doors. There are several manufacturers in the area that are focusing on giving attention to how these strike plates can work for the consumers. There are several emphasis that is given and the opportunity to have these security systems upgraded make these strike plates a worthwhile good. This article discusses some of the most pertinent details that you have to learn about these strike plates.
The Essentials of Security – Revisited
It is important to note that the basic forms of these strike plates are made with sizes around one inch by two inches, and they are also set with two pieces of three fourths inches screws made of wood. The kinds of strike plates offers security with the strength of the door jamb. It is important to find these kinds of strike plates offer a level of frame reinforcement up to a certain level.
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On the other hand, there are newer kinds of strike plates that can be more effective with supporting the jamb and being able to use longer screws that can take strength from the frames at the back of the jambs. As opposed with the previous type mentioned earlier, these strike plates are characterized by being measured at one and one fourths inch by around four inches and gauges with more weight provided with four pieces of screws and two pieces of two and a half inch screws. To zoom in, the two and one half inches of screws of these strike plates are placed on the door stop side. They go through the jamb and see the things behind, thus attaching the strike plates with building. There are instances when they reach through the stud as well. Now, these strike plates are seen as a combination of both beauty for decoration and for function. These strike plates offer the best of reinforcement and security as well. When these strike plates are smaller in format, four screws are set in place. These kinds of strike plates use the standard approximate of around one and one eight inches by two and three fourths inches format, and they too are made of steel and made with two three inches screws and two three fourths screws.